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Kids Summer Camp

Geared towards kids 7 and up. This 5 day workshop will prep kids on learning the circus arts! New in 2024 we will incorporate diabolos, stilt walking, and specialty aerial apparatuses.  We will practice aerial dance, magic tricks, juggling,  balloon animals and more! This is ok for new or returning students! We will have multiple instructors to divide our groups up into experienced and new students. 

We wil send out emails closer to the camp date with more info. 

Class Structure:
Day 1: Acrobatics and Aerial (be sure to wear leggings or long pants) 
Day 2: Rola Bola, Diabolos (yoyo tricks), hoops and act building (shorts are fine for this day)
Day 3:  Aerial, spinning plates, stilts, act building
Day 4: Acro tricks, aerial, act prep
Day 5 Showcase prep and Showcase

On the last day- the last half hour of camp-parents/friends/family will be invited in to watch mini routines and acts created by our students!   We will spend some time building routines and incorporating games into learning new circus tricks! 
The cost of the camp includes all five days for 3 hours a day and the showcase.  The showcase will be free to view.  

What to bring:
We ask that everyone brings a water bottle and a small snack.  We stay very active and a snack definitely helps students get through the day!

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