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I Am New To Aerial-Where Do I Start?

Individuals try aerial for many different reasons, it could be to work out, to try a dance class, or just experience something new! Whatever the reason is - we want to make sure your starting in the right place!

Aerial Can be for Anyone! I mean Anyone!!

It doesn't matter of your shape, age, height, weight, gender, etc., aerial can be for you! Yes it will be hard but don't let that stop you. Over time as you gain strength and confidence aerial will start to become a little bit easier. Aerial incorporates strength, flexibility and flow into movement around a flying apparatus but it does not mean you need to start a class already having a background in these traits. It can be extremely beginner friendly and help teach an individual these traits. Never compare your aerial journey to others. While we all practice together our journeys are our own. Keep track of your own progress and only focus on that.

So what apparatus should I start on?

While aerial is not easy- some apparatuses are slightly more beginner friendly than others. Aerial hammock is a great introduction into aerial and allows for the support of a fabric to assist you through poses and transitions. Lyra is a solid metal hoop that allows for easy beginner poses. Remember- starting off, you do not need to be 10 ft off the ground. Heights are adjusted to keep you close to the ground while learning. Aerial silks are the two silks that are unconnected at the bottom (unlike hammock). These are a little less beginner friendly but not impossible. They require footlocks and climbing to overcome a lot of skills. Learning to climb can be a major set back in motivation but don't give up! You will get it!

Aerial Hurts!

It sure does! You will get bruises and you will be sore. Overtime your body begins to acclimate to this. Poses that killed you in the beginning start to become easier and you begin to develop less bruises. You will begin to gain strength and transitions will become easier.

See you in the air!


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